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  • For employee tax returns
  • For self employed/business owner tax returns
  • Or both
  • Send over your personal information
  • Digitally begin your income tax return
  • Download on your phone to get started

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How To Use The App

To begin filling out your personal information tap on "Fill the T1 Form". Note that not all fields are mandatory but the ones that are you'll be notified that they are when you attempt to move forward in the app.

About The App

The BBS Personal Tax App was created to help you speed up your income tax process with us so that you don’t have to come in to the office as often.

The app collects your personal information and sends it to BBS. Your personal information will not be shared or used for any other purpose other than your income tax return. In some cases you may still have to come in to the office. In other cases the app will suffice and you’ll just have to sign it, send it back to us, pay for your income tax return service and then we can file it with Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf.

The minimum charge for a personal income tax return is $100 plus HST for employees and $200 plus HST for self employed.

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